xG. A web3 project to incentivise and reward grass-roots sports participation.

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5 min readJan 30, 2022

Web 3 has enabled the advent of digital collectibles — and it has truly taken off in sports like no other sector. NBA Top Shot has consistently been the most traded NFT, and now the NFL, ICC and the recent superfunding of Tom Brady’s Autograph go to show how much digital collectibles mean to sports fans. In parallel, games like Axie Infinity have redefined the idea of play to earn — where online activity generates collectable and tradeable rewards for online gamers.

xG is a completely new concept to bring web 3 and real-life sports participation together.

It’s Play To Earn — in real life — as amateur athletes real-world sporting performances are rewarded with NFTs and tokens.

If you score a goal at your local Sunday League football match or achieve a personal best at a 10k run — you will be rewarded with a personalised NFT and xG to mark the occasion.

Athletes can hold these NFTs, building a collection with genuine personal meaning, a nostalgic value — and maybe even monetary value for the occasion when a player goes pro.

xG will add gamification elements, rewarding performance milestones and achievements with new digital assets and in some instances, IRL experiences.

The xG token provides utility for all of our playing community, who can collect tokens for taking part — regardless of their ability or level of success. Holding xG comes with a range of benefits, including marketplace access for regular drops of exclusive, sports-relevant NFTs and other rewards.

The xG mission is to drive participation and to make playing sport more fun, both individually and as a team. The addition of metaverse-ready rewards for a generation for whom ownership of digital assets is the norm, takes the experience of sport into our digital lives in a complementary and rewarding way.

xG also unlocks a new economy for grass-roots sports, with smart contracts providing athletes ownership of their moments.

xG will be prototyped with football and running — yet designed with the potential to easily expand to other sports. The scale of the potential opportunity is significant and clear.

How does XG obtain the data to Reward Players?

xG will integrate source data from official sources (e.g. football federations) to verify athletes, players and their performances/scores.

For timed events — like a 10k run, runners’ identities are already paired with their time by the race tech infrastructure. In those cases, xG is integrating with running partners so that rewards / earnings are robust and accurate. For team sports like football — results data is available from official leagues and federations to integrate in the same way.

However, the exciting part of the project for us is creating the xG protocol where the match data is input and verified by a number of community (football) contributors. Think of a ‘multi-sig’ validating a ‘proposal’ where the signatories are from both teams as well as officials at the game: coaches / admins / players / refs.

In football, we’ll reward players for things that deserve celebrating — like scoring a goal or being part of a team that wins. In running it might be for improving your ‘personal best’ times. xG tokenomics will be set up to encourage players — so in football simply participating in a league match would earn you and your team some xG. Public and community good in terms of sports incentivisation is at the heart of xG.

The xG Marketplace

The xG marketplace will feature regular drops of authentic football culture NFTs. These drops are above and beyond the NFT rewards players receive for their IRL achievements. Each drop will have a tiered access approach in order to reward certain cohorts within the community with special perks based on their activity and achievements — and provide ongoing access benefits to xG holders.

xG welcomes non-playing holders into the xG community — who can buy xG on a dex in order to access some — but not all — exclusive xG NFT drops.

Building the xG Community

The founding team has been building sports communities from the ground up — launching large scale social communities with the biggest rights holders in sport as well as challenger brands from ground zero.

xG Genesis NFT drop: launching in Q2 of 2022, our community of genesis xG NFT holders will support the product vision and in turn receive a number of benefits.

Founding Leagues. Our early football partners represent an exciting stage of the xG journey. As beta testers and OG participant players, we’ll only on-board teams and players who are digital natives and keen to shape an entirely new experience for players like themselves.

Ultimately, over time, the ambition would be for xG to be entirely community governed and owned.

xG Team

The team behind xG is made up of experienced sports industry professionals with a history of delivering high-profile sports media projects for rights holders like Manchester City FC, World Rugby and the English FA.

Additionally, we are assembling a team of well-regarded crypto advisors to steer the project, and build a world class product that takes sport into an Open Metaverse.

More information on the team can be found here as appointments are confirmed.


Q1, 2022 Investment rounds with Launchpool Labs

Q2/3, 2022 xG Genesis NFT Drop

Q2/3, 2022 Prototype development and testing with a limited number of leagues / partners.

Q4, 2022 Product development and build. NFT production and active community marketing.

Q1/2, 2023 Beta with football and other sport communities.

2024 Working protocol with clear working practices able to be rolled out in different territories and developed for other sports.

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